Welcome to the world of Edeyn -- and to my website! I hope you enjoy all the extras and come back often for more. Keep watch below for News and/or messages from me.

Astyrian and Mannion have been an important part of my life for the better part of four years. They and their companions are like old friends who always pop up at the most unexpected times, and creating a world for them to inhabit has been some of the most fun I've had in ages. In fact, I'll admit I enjoy the research and world-building so much that it is always a struggle to put it away and actually get to writing!

In developing the world of Edeyn, I strenuously endeavored to stay away from the stereotypes found in most post-Tolkien fantasy. You will find no elves here; no dwarves, orcs, halflings or magic rings. Vampires, sparkling or otherwise, are not here either. Instead, you'll meet original new races with their own languages and customs and exciting new magics. I have based each culture and its language upon some "creative reworking" of existing languages and cultures.

The language of the Nystai, for example, is based upon the Hebrew and Greek tongues. The Keldiri language is French-based, and the Ama'rynd's is has a Native American flair. I chose a mix of Olde English, Gaelic and Welsh for the Umans. Spells and inscriptions are mostly derivatives of Latin.

Feel free to visit my blog for more behind-the-scenes glimpses and other writer-ly ramblings. I always love hearing from readers and friends alike. You can use the contact form, here, for feedback, comments or questions, and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible!


Been busy editing and designing the cover art and other graphics for a friend's debut novel, so my own projects have had to take a back seat for a time. As of today, I am happy to announce that Bill Kinney's exciting cop thriller "Center Mass" is now ready for the publisher. You can hop on over to his site or his Facebook page for more information.

So now, at last, it's back to work on my own endeavors -- including some exciting preliminary work on a prequel novel.

Always check here for any "Sons of Light" series updates.